Baby Planning Services

Green Baby Consulting –

Just because a product is simply for sale, does not mean it is safe! Become knowledgeable on safe products used on your newborn and the whole family.

Baby Registry Assistance –

From the bottles to the car seat, doing research for a baby registry can feel like a full- time job. Providing you the facts to make the most comfortable and informed decisions is what we are here to do.

Baby Gear Consulting –

Strollers, bottles, cribs and diapers! All things baby gear can be confusing and overwhelming. Baby Gear consulting can help you understand the differences between products and provide you with only facts. With this service we can help you determine what products are safe and fit into your families’ lifestyle.

 Newborn Care Essentials class: new parent and grandparent –

This class is full of basic skills needed to care for your newborn. Feeling confident about caring for your baby can set your mind at ease. This class covers diaper changes, bottling feedings, bottle sanitation, breastfeeding, bathing, swaddling, umbilical cord care, circumcision care, skin to skin bonding and so much more. Grandparents are welcome and are encouraged to join with the parents to be.