A Baby Planner with no kids of her own?

I hope that title got your attention because it’s true I am a Professional Baby Planner and Parent Coach who hasn’t had kids yet. So why would you ever hire me to education you on a topic that I should have no idea about because I haven’t “personally” been through it. Well let me tell you I have a unique perspective on baby planning and parent coaching, I have worked closely with infants and toddler for over 7 years.

Here’s are a 2 simple reasons why I would be a perfect fit for you and your family.

1. I can give you unbiased, straight up information about planning and preparing for your baby.

-When you ask for advice on Facebook or a moms forum about your upcoming arrival, you will probably get a lot of comments about their experiences with their children. Mothers take pride in the way they once prepared for their child and can become very emotional when talking about the subject. Well I can’t give you that advice because I don’t kids. The advice that I can give you is based solely on facts, not emotions.

2. During the last eight years, I have cared for over 45 infants and toddlers.

-Instead of only caring for 1 or 2 kids which in most baby planners case is their own children. I have cared for over 45 completely different children. All unquie and special in their own way, these infants all had different needs as well. From severe ezema to projectile vomiting, I have seen a lot. During this time I also worked along side with the parents to give their children the best care possible.

**Overall my point is that being a mother doesn’t have to be a criteria for a successful and helpful baby planner. I currently don’t have children because I’m not ready. Not because I dont want to, it has to do what’s right for me at this moment. Same goes with preparing for your baby, everything is your choice! I’m just here to give to the most up to date information regarding everything baby!**


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